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Crypto updates and insights from our team

31 Aug '23

Crypto Market Update 08/31/2023 #57

SPY has reached the support/resistance level we discussed in the last market update and has also experienced a rebound at the 20-week Simple Moving Average (SMA 20W), represented by the pink line.

16 Aug '23

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Primary Listing Performance in 2023 (Updated August 11, 2023) #56

Over the past month, we have incorporated 63 new listings, with 44 additions occurring in July and 12 in August so far. These listings have been primarily focused on three exchanges: Gate, MEXC, and Bitmart. Former high frequency listing exchanges, like KuCoin, have taken a significant step back alongside regulatory concerns.

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14 Aug '23

Fundamentals: Types of Market Makers #55

Cryptocurrencies have catalyzed a revolution in finance, championing decentralization. Market makers act as pillars supporting this evolution. In this guide, we will share the three prevalent market making structures: Principal Market Making, Designated Market Making, and Self Service Market Making.

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14 Aug '23

Fundamentals: Liquidity and Price Discovery #54

Liquidity forms the backbone of any successful project. It serves as the base for an efficient and orderly price discovery. This article emphasizes the importance of market makers as indispensable entities for projects aiming to guide their assets towards favorable price discovery in the context of liquidity.

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13 Aug '23

Fundamentals: Basics of Market Making #53

Without an adequate go-to-market strategy, even a quality project can be left in shambles, ending the journey before it has begun. Our industry is afflicted with advisors and actors who are heavily biased, leading to misguidance, poor decision-making, and inaction.

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08 Aug '23

Crypto Market Update 09/08/2023 #52

It appears that SPY has reached its cyclical peak, and it is likely to undergo a cooling-off period, especially throughout the summer. Currently, the overall trend remains bullish, and there's a probability that we will witness a retest of the previous horizontal resistance zone (indicated by the yellow line) and also the SMA 20W (pink line).

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24 Jul '23

Transparency in Crypto Exchange Fill Volumes (Updated July 21, 2023) #51

A cursory glance at token and exchange metrics on platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko may give the impression that the trading volume has only slightly declined since the peak of the last bull run in 2021.

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07 Jul '23

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Primary Listing Performance in 2023 (Updated July 6, 2023) #50

We believe that a token’s primary listing is one of the most important events in a project’s history. For most tokens, this event will bring in the highest organic volumes and establishes the groundwork for subsequent price discovery.

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28 Jun '23

Crypto Market Update 06/28/2023 #49

SPY has finally broken out of both the ascending channel and the horizontal resistance. Currently, there is a retest of these levels taking place. The market remains bullish at the moment, and numerous stocks have experienced significant gains in recent weeks.

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07 Jun '23

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Primary Listing Performance in 2023 (Updated June 6, 2023) #48

We believe that a token’s primary listing can be considered one of the most important, if not the most important, moments in a token’s price performance. For most tokens, this event will bring in the highest organic volumes and establishes the groundwork for subsequent price discovery.

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31 May '23

Crypto Market Update 05/31/2023 #47

SPY is currently at a resistance point, but we can observe the formation of an ascending channel grinding against that resistance.

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16 May '23

Crypto Market Update 05/16/2023 #46

We haven't made any progress last few weeks, as SPY is exactly at the same level it was during our last market update. The market is currently range-bound near resistance, and there isn't much new to report at this moment.

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27 Apr '23

Crypto market update 04/27/23 #45

The S&P500 is consolidating at current levels with a slight retracement, following its recent encounter with the resistance area.

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12 Apr '23

Crypto Market Update 04/12/2023 #44

The S&P500 has reached its resistance point, forming a complex inverse head and shoulders pattern. This is characterized by a series of higher lows and retests of the resistance zone, indicating a potentially bullish pattern.

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30 Mar '23

Crypto Market Update 03/30/2023 #43

After dipping below the MA200W, SPY has bounced back and established a new higher low. It appears that the market is currently in an accumulation and recovery phase, indicating a potential desire to hold and regain strength.

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15 Mar '23

Crypto Market Update 03/15/2023 #42

The last few days have been stormy weather for banks with all the turmoil around the sector. This is one of the reasons why the S&P500 finally broke support and is dealing now to keep the higher low on the bigger picture.

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28 Feb '23

Crypto Market Update 02/28/2023 #41

After breaking the descending trend and creating the first higher high, momentum cooled down and for the moment, it looks like we are retesting the trend and also the MA20W.

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16 Feb '23

Crypto Market Update 02/16/2023 #40

The S&P500 has broken out of the main descending trend that began in 2022. As we can see in the chart, we are creating the first higher high after 3 earlier attempts.

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31 Jan '23

Crypto Market Update 01/31/2023 #39

It’s been a while since the last market update, so let’s do a short recap. In the last market update, we were talking about the FUD on some exchanges, and finally, we had the FTX event and all the collateral damage around it. This black swan event created the capitulation that tends to happen near the end of a bear market. If we look at past cycles, we had one or two capitulations created, but a black swan every time.

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20 Dec '22

Stablecoin Review #38

Diversifying stablecoin holdings across the top three is a prudent approach, with USDC and BUSD preferred as a secure store of value and USDT held for trading.

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14 Nov '22

Alameda-FTX Situation Awareness - Actions and Outlook #37

As the market contagion from the FTX & Alameda fallout spreads, we at AcheronTrading would like to reiterate our goals related to the management of client accounts and share our perspective on the situation.

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07 Nov '22

Crypto Market Update 11/7/2022 #36

BTC is ranging since the end of August. Not a lot has changed during our last updates, rather than we are still in the main FIB level and that could be a sign of accumulation or just a trap before a final capitulation.

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03 Nov '22

AcheronTrading is excited to announce the acquisition of HedgeTech LLC #35

The acquisition of HedgeTech comes as a natural step in the steady growth of AcheronTrading.

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18 Oct '22

Crypto Market Update 10/18/2022 #34

BTC is ranging since the end of August. Not too much to say, rather than that we are still into the main FIB level and that could be a sign of accumulation or just a trap before a final capitulation.

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26 Sep '22

Crypto Market Update 09/26/2022 #33

BTC arrived at the channel and GP (purple box) mentioned in the last market update and was rejected there, following what happened in the traditional markets last weeks.

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12 Sep '22

Crypto Market Update 09/12/2022 #32

BTC bounced again in the main level (blue Box) created by the big head & shoulders. It is now testing the inner golden pocket and also the lost channel.

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29 Aug '22

Crypto Market Update 08/29/2022 #31

In the last market update, we were pointing at the creation of the rising wedge inside the ascending channel and the possibility of an end of the summer bull run until the orange box. Price action played out as described in our last update and now we are under the ascending channel or bear flag.

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24 Aug '22

The Merge - Strategy & Caveats #30

Mid-September, Ethereum is expected to transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

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08 Aug '22

Crypto Market Update #29

BTC has been in a slow bullish movement for the last month as expected and now, it is arriving at the main resistance of this move which is the orange box.

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18 Jul '22

Crypto Market Update 07/19/2022 #28

BTC is consolidating in the supporting Fibonacci zone, creating a new ascending channel. At the moment we are seeing a small relief rally which is also normal in the current market conditions.

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27 Jun '22

Crypto Market Update #27

After reaching the main log level (see chart), BTC had a shy relief rally last week. For the moment RSI remains very oversold but possibly we haven't seen the bottom yet as we're still inside a bear flag for the moment.

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13 Jun '22

Crypto Market Update #26

BTC was not able to bounce to retest the lost bear flag. Showing that there is no buying pressure at all in these zones.

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23 May '22

Crypto Market Update #25

We had interesting days during the last 2 weeks. The collapse of UST/LUNA, triggered BTC to retrace to the support level of the bear flag.

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09 May '22

Crypto Market Update #24

A short market update this time, as we are still waiting for the earlier pointed out levels. For the moment, BTC broke down the channel or possible bear flag to go to the main previous support (First blue box inside the yellow one). That level has been key for the last year, so we might see a bounce around this level.

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25 Apr '22

Crypto Market Update #23

Three weeks after our last market update, not a lot has changed in the markets from a technical analysis point of view. BTC was not able to achieve the orange level as it began to create bearish divergences in the 4h timeframe being a sign of buyers losing momentum.

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05 Apr '22

Crypto Market Update #22

BTC has continued its bullish momentum, breaking out the symmetrical triangle on RSI and also the ascending triangle in the price action. For the moment BTC is following the ascending channel and also has broken out the MA20W and retested.

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21 Mar '22

Crypto Market Update #21

For the last 2 weeks, BTC has been ranging inside the channel/ascending triangle that we were talking about in the last market update, also RSI stays in the ascending channel. The market is very slow, but last days gave us some new information.

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07 Mar '22

Crypto Market Update #20

After the retest of the descending channel 2 weeks ago, Bitcoin moved towards the previous horizontal resistance and went down again to the same level. Basically, BTC has been ranging since January.

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24 Feb '22

Crypto Market Update #19

On our last market update, there was still a lot of uncertainty on the Russian/Ukraine situation. As Russia laid their cards on the table last hours, we want to clarify again the earlier levels we have been talking about in case the market decides to decline more.

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21 Feb '22

Crypto Market Update #18

After breaking out the descending channel, BTC is now retesting this point. For the moment, that could be considered as a normal retrace in a normal environment situation. However, we can see how BTC is mirroring S&P500, which is in a descending trend due to the macro-political situation of Russia and Ukraine.

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07 Feb '22

Crypto Market Update #17

BTC bounced in the zone pointed out last week and also broke out of the descending trend that we had since the last top in November.

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24 Jan '22

Crypto Market Update #16

Following the chart posted in the market update of 2 days ago, BTC is arriving near the support zone which could bring us a bounce.

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22 Jan '22

Crypto Market Update #15

Following our December 2nd guidance, we are currently in the panic seller phase, as illustrated in the screenshot.

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10 Jan '22

Crypto Market Update #14

BTC developed several bull traps last weeks resulting in a downtrend and constant lower highs. We are now near a very important horizontal support level.

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22 Dec '21

Crypto Market Update #13

BTC has been in a slow bleeding mode for the last month and a half and finally created a rounded bottom and kind of Adam & Eve pattern right at the Golden Pocket zone.

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08 Dec '21

Crypto Market Update #12

BTC had a very sharp drop last week after several bear divergences on the 3 days and monthly time frame, together with a very high open interest and the over-leveraged market we saw a snowball effect.

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02 Dec '21

Flood Warning #11

November has brought a massive surge in primary listing performance and catalyzed a flood of new tokens entering the market.

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01 Dec '21

Crypto Market Update #10

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23 Nov '21

Crypto Market Update #9

Since the last Market Update, BTC has retraced approximately a -20%, which is the normal behaviour that we were expecting based on the movements that November tends to create in a bull run.

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11 Nov '21

Crypto Market Update #8

During the last movement, BTC achieved the first main level (Orange Box). We can see that it is struggling a bit to make a clear break out of the All-time highs (ATH) and we can notice that the buying pressure is not very strong looking at the RSI.

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02 Nov '21

Traders like CEX #7

Building on my previous article, Analyzing the "First-Day Pop" in Digital Asset Markets; a Market Maker's Perspective, I'd like to update our view of the current market for primary listings and where price discovery and liquidity are moving.

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28 Oct '21

Crypto Market Update #6

After reaching ATH last week, we are now in consolidation mode. We have recalculated the Main GP (golden pocket/yellow box) with the last movement now. That GP would be the last support in case of a dump, but it is quite probable that BTC will keep consolidating in the upper range.

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20 Oct '21

Crypto market update #5

BTC continues its own rally without a major retracement. That constant ascending channel scenario is the same behaviour we had from October until December of last year. These kinds of movements allow the price to move up without creating major bear divergences, which is a very good and “healthy” sign.

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13 Oct '21

Crypto Market Update - Analysing market cycles #4

During last week, BTC had a nice run and even surpassed the first level without any problem. That tends to be a sign of bullishness but after that, it needs to cool down a bit to probably continue the trend if there is not any Black swan around.

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05 Oct '21

Crypto Market Update #3

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21 Sep '21

Crypto Market Update #2

For the last few weeks, BTC has been in a downtrend. For the moment, it can still be considered a retest of the main GP (golden pocket/yellow box) as well as the last descending channel or MA20W

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30 Aug '21

Analyzing the "First-Day Pop" in Digital Asset Markets; a Market Maker's Perspective #1

The “first-day pop” or “IPO pop” is one of the more commonly cited IPO success measures and indicators of market health in traditional securities markets.

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