It is our belief that market inefficiency is one of the main factors preventing digital assets/cryptocurrencies from achieving mass adoption. As such, our focus is to construct and provide liquidity services for digital assets from the most incipient stages and throughout their adoption cycle.

We are dedicated to providing services free from conflicts of interest, and transparency first.



Chief Executive Officer
Wesley is the founder and CEO of Acheron Trading, a market making and advisory firm that uses deep sector knowledge and industry relationships to drive liquidity in the digital asset markets. Wesley created Acheron in 2019 to reduce friction among nascent cryptocurrency projects, users, and public markets. With trusted specialists and operational maturity, Acheron seeks to infuse legitimacy into the digital asset markets. Prior to launching Acheron, Wesley served as head trader at Aenigma Capital, where he pioneered crypto economic valuation models and trading strategies. With more than a decade of experience in digital asset transactions, Wesley is recognized as a thought leader and industry veteran. At age 13, he automated the generation and re-sale of digital assets for online gaming. As the digital asset space matured, he became a frontline advocate for emerging cryptocurrencies, building his first Bitcoin mining rig in 2013.


Director of Quantitative Research
Paul leads Acheron’s quantitative modeling and enterprise risk management operations. An expert in financial risk management and modeling, he has a 10-year profitable track record in token, predictive, and derivative markets. In collaboration with Acheron’s business development group, Paul spearheads the engineering of stochastic models and algorithms to provide custom solutions for company clients. He also produces on-chain data-driven insights to feed Acheron’s proprietary risk models. Paul holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the University ​of Victoria.


Director of Business Development
Chris manages enterprise strategy and global operations for Acheron. With 20 years of experience in trading, technology, and risk management in the financial services industry, he leads Acheron’s product development and client advisory efforts. He is responsible for steering Acheron through ever-present secular change in the digital asset space, keeping clients profitably ahead of the curve. Chris began his career as a trader at Goldman Sachs in Asian and Australian equity markets. Prior to joining Acheron, he worked for Macquarie Bank Limited in Financial Products, packaging $3.2B in exotic structured products for IFA and HNW clients in only 12 months. He has also served as a partner and Head of Business Development and Strategy at 4X Solutions, a premier foreign currency exchange trading and technologies company.


Quantitative Trader
Mazin leverages proprietary trading algorithms to create deep and liquid digital asset markets for Acheron clients. He also collaborates with Acheron’s technical team to ideate market liquidity solutions based on asset fundamentals. Prior to joining Acheron, Mazin worked at Aenigma Capital, a digital asset hedge fund, where he led the due diligence reporting process and helped develop valuation models for proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. Mazin graduated from the University of Florida with dual degrees in Mathematics and Economics with a focus in econometrics and game theory.


Chief Technology Officer
Mattias helms the end-to-end development life cycle for Acheron’s proprietary algorithms and service offerings. He is a full-stack engineer with twenty years of experience in developing high throughput systems and software for demanding applications. Mattias partners with the team of developers to lead the in-house development of new algorithm sets for our clients and trading desk. He also leads our rigorous oversight and continuous improvement programs to target 99.99% uptime for all of Acheron’s target markets.


Chief Operating Officer
Wouter focuses on streamlining all information flow of Acheron, from the business structures to operational assets. His twenty years of experience in providing server infrastructure for financial clients has provided him with deep insights into creating robust procedures and methods that safeguard operational effectiveness as well as the future for Acheron. Having previously implemented ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards, he’s no stranger to rigorous audits and checks when it comes to information security.


Junior Quantitative Trader


Junior Quantitative Trader


Business Development


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


General Counsel


Compliance Officer


Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant

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