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Market making
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Node operations
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Acheron partners with teams to construct and provide liquidity services for digital assets from the most embryonic stages and throughout their adoption cycle.

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liquid trading environments

across all major digital exchanges

Liquid markets are essential to ensure market participants can transact efficiently. Without adequate liquidity, markets are susceptible to drastic price swings, manipulation, and exchange delistings. Acheron's approach faciliates healthy liquidity conditions with a high degree of uptime.


Market making

Market making is essential to emerging digital assets because, without a liquid trading environment, market participants cannot buy or sell tokens without causing a drastic change in the market price. This phenomenon is known as "market slippage." Acheron's services directly reduce market slippage and thus result in more efficient trade for market participants.

Market strategies

Our team is at the forefront of building digital asset liquidity for the highest calibre projects worldwide. Our quantitative engineers constantly analyze and interpret data from our operations to ensure we offer a strategic approach to every Acheron client.

flattened block exchange advisory

Exchange Advisory

We have integrated with over fifty decentralized and centralized exchanges providing holistic coverage across the digital asset ecosystem. Receive data-backed insights to determine which venues are the right fit for your goals.

flattened block risk management

Risk Management & modeling

Emerging digital assets can be hyper-volatile during price discovery. We consult teams in designing and selecting the appropriate liquidity strategy to develop a liquid market while managing the inventory risk for their digital assets throughout their adoption cycle.

Node Operations

We manage and operate several public infrastructure nodes for blockchains such as FIO, CasperLabs, and Akash Network.

control container

Our market making services are not available and shall not be provided to entities located, incorporated, or otherwise established in, or to a citizen or resident of, the Republic of Singapore.

Exchange coverage

With coverage on leading and emerging decentralized and centralized exchanges, we stand ready to provide liquidity where it matters most.

Uniswap v2 Uniswap v2
Uniswap v3 Uniswap v3
SushiSwap SushiSwap
PancakeSwap PancakeSwap
ApeSwap ApeSwap
QuickSwap QuickSwap
DFyn DFyn
Trader Joe Trader Joe
Pangolin Pangolin
SpookySwap SpookySwap
Osmosis Osmosis
KnightSwap KnightSwap
KyberSwap KyberSwap
Raydium Raydium
Many more
Ascendex Ascendex
Kucoin Kucoin
Binance Binance
Huobi Huobi
Bybit Bybit
Bitmart Bitmart
Bitfinex Bitfinex
Bithumb Bithumb
Liquid Liquid
Bittrex Bittrex
Coinbase Coinbase
Kraken Kraken
Many more

Blockchain coverage

We invest in integrating our systems with a wide array of public blockchains.

Ethereum Ethereum
Binance Smart Chain Binance Smart Chain
Avalanche Avalanche
Polygon Polygon
Cosmos Cosmos
Fantom Fantom
Cronos Cronos
Polkadot Polkadot
GoChain GoChain
Fio Fio
Arbitrum Arbitrum
Osmosis Osmosis
Optimism Optimism
More to come
lightning-bolt About us
Shaped by tech

We have more than a decade of experience in digital asset transactions

Fueled by data

Our team spearheads the engineering of stochastic models and algorithms

Set for growth

A proven track record of long term relationships leading to continuous growth

125+ Institutional Clients
50+ Decentralized & Centralized Exchanges
4+ Years of doing what we love

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26 Sep '22

Crypto Market Update 09/26/2022 #33

BTC arrived at the channel and GP (purple box) mentioned in the last market update and was rejected there, following what happened in the traditional markets last weeks.