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It’s our vision to create a seamless user experience for our products and services.

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Advanced Raydium integration

We're working on extending our Raydium abilities on the Solana network to offer more advanced trading algoritms.


2022 Aug 31

On-chain analysis integration

Augment our on-exchange strategies by analysing on-chain token movements.

2022 Jul 05

Website redesign

We've launched our full redesign of the website.

2022 Jul 03


Deep integration to the KyberSwap DEX.

2022 Jun 13

SushiSwap on Avax, Arbitrum & Fantom

We've extended our integration to support Sushiswap across the Avalanche, Arbitrum & Fantom blockchain.

2022 Jun 08

Osmosis integration

We've finalized our Osmosis trading integrations.

2022 May 25

Pangolin support

The Pangolin DEX is now supported over the Avalanche network.

2022 May 24


We've added support for the KnightGuard DEX on Binance Smart Chain.

2022 May 17

Raydium integration

A first implementation of our Raydium trading engine has been completed.

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