Node Operations

We run nodes for several projects. Our infrastructure is spread worldwide on redundant, highly-available servers. Our goal is is to always add value to a project we support, we do this through our experience, expertise, commitment and a hands-on involvement in the project.

All our nodes are operated by a team of experts that have over 20 years of experience in managing and scaling online services, with a background in the (web)hosting business. We’re no stranger to custom spikes in demand and urgent security patching and have systems and procedures in place to manage these both proactively and reactively.


FIO – Foundation For Interwallet Operability

We run a Block Producer node for the FIO project. This adds the necessary server capacity to execute the purchase and management of FIO domain names and usernames.

Underlying technology: a modified (stripped-down) version of EOS
Server setup: separated Testnet and Mainnet nodes, Mainnet is divided into multiple independent servers running the public API, a hardened block signing node and an archival node.


All block producers can be seen on the FIO block explorer.


Our CasperLabs node is currently active on the testnet, where load testing and stability testing are ongoing before the mainnet launch.

We help identify issues related to the server load and impact, as well as help troubleshoot new releases and test their stability.


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Open Rights Exchange

We are one of the block producers for ORE. We add server capacity to help decentralize the network.

Underlying technology: a sidechain running on native EOS 1.18
Server setup: Mainnet nodes with separated public API, a hardened block signing node and archival node.


All block producers can be seen on the ORE producer list.