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Node operations
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lightning Node Operations

We’re not just market-makers, we actively operate blockchain infrastructure

Why Acheron runs its own nodes

Many blockchains require node operators to validate transactions submitted to the network and maintain the global public ledger of transactions.


We’re fully committed to the blockchain ecosystem

Acheron contributes resources to public blockchain infrastructure to stay at the forefront of emerging ecosystems.


A token project is about more than tokens

With technical expertise, we know where integrating our trading systems will be most critical to ensure professional liquidity can be available across the entire market.


Block producing is part of our roots as a company

We are builders at heart, not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive-in to the latest technologies.


Our infrastructure is spread worldwide

Our infrastructure is spread worldwide on redundant, highly-available servers.


Managing custom spikes in demand and urgent security patching

We're always ready for the hyper-volatile and ever-evolving conditions in crypto.


Supporting our client portfolio

Our goal is to add value to a project we support continually. We do this through our experience, expertise, commitment, and hands-on involvement in the project.

Tools, partners & platforms

Acheron works and partners with leading crypto tools in order to provide the fastest, most reliable and durable solutions.


So, what’s in it for your project?

Institutional grade support for your public blockchain

Reliable node operators are critical to success and troubleshooting in the early days.

Market-maker integration and onboarding

Building technical expertise for a new blockchain is the first step to identifying opportunities to integrate our trading software.

Work with our dream team

Let’s go for growth

We’re ready to help you take your crypto project to the next-level. Reach out to us by requesting a call or meeting.

lightning-bolt Even more

Advisory Services

flattened block Market Strategies

Market Strategies

Our data team designs bespoke trading algorithms facilitating efficient trade

flattened block Exchange Advisory

Exchange Advisory

We research, identify and assess suitable exchange(s) for you as a digital asset issuer

flattened block Risk Management & Modeling

Risk Management & Modeling

We consult teams in selecting the appropriate liquidity strategy to develop a liquid market, while managing the inventory risk for their digital assets

flattened block Node Operations

Node Operations

We manage and operate several public infrastructure nodes for blockchains such as FIO, CasperLabs, AIKON & others.