BTC has continued its bullish momentum, breaking out the symmetrical triangle on RSI and also the ascending triangle in the price action. For the moment BTC is following the ascending channel and also has broken out the MA20W and retested.

For now, looks like it is consolidating into a possible bull flag to go to upper levels. Momentum is not very volatile but seems like it is being quite constant.

BTC Dominance

As dominance keeps falling, altcoins are keeping their momentum, probably until Dominance arrives to its bottom. That bottom could be the blue box, as has been during the last months. If that is the case, we will see altcoins continue their bullish momentum.


ETH also had it's bullish momentum and it is achieving the projected orange box. The closer we go to that box, the more we see the creation of several bearish divergences at the resistance level.

Now we can see a consolidation in the zone and if BTC holds, we can see a possible break out at least to the upper side of the purple box.


March and April tend to be bullish months and that is what we are seen in at this moment. The pullback is on the way to achieving at least the main GP of the movement in BTC ( Purple box ).

So for the moment, there is not too much to do or say rather than waiting to see if we arrive there, and then we will see how BTC reacts.

In case of bearish divergence formation in that zone in bigger time frames, we could be seeing the end of the movement.